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Meet Rachael

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San Diego Based Photographer

Hey, my name is Rachael!  


I'm a San Diego, California based wedding and lifestyle photographer - Specializing in organic and sun filled photography. I shoot weddings, engagements and family photography in Coronado, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad and beyond.  I am also a fashionista, foodie, world traveler, animal lover and fitness junkie. As a San Diego native, my favorite activities include sunset walks on the beach and trying out new restaurants.  Since photographing my first San Diego wedding in 2014, I've been published, shot weddings all over the world and met some of the coolest people!  One of my favorite parts about my job is photographing people in love, on the most important day of their lives.

A little backstory:

From an early age, creativity was something I was encouraged to express.  Drawing, painting and writing were a daily activity in my household.  I always thought I wanted to follow my mothers footsteps as a therapist, but the second I picked up a camera, it all changed.  My background as a photographer started many years ago in fashion photography.  I interned with a well known jewelry brand, focusing on product and lifestyle photography.  Later, second shooting and interning for multiple wedding photographers in the San Diego area. Fast forward 8+ years and I'm now running my own full time photography business.  The experience I've learned over time has shaped me into who I am as a photographer and individual. 

My dream client:

My ideal photography client is more than just someone investing in photos.  My ideal client is kind, trusting, joyful and someone who truly values my experience as a professional photographer.  If you're interested in learning more about what I offer, please fill out my contact form, or email me directly at  I can't wait to create magical photos together! 

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More facts than you wanted to know

- The ocean is my favorite place in the world.  

- I live off life quotes, memes and nightly TikTok's.

- A sunset walk on the boardwalk is my ideal way to end the day. 

have two rescue Maine coon cats and hope to adopt a golden retriever one day.  

- On my spare time, you can find me doing something active outdoors, strolling the local farmers market, or brunching it up with gal pals.    

- I love a good excuse to dress up, but also enjoy hanging out in sweats all day.


- Sunglasses are my favorite accessory.  The bigger the better. 

- I love country music and enjoy going to live concerts.  

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