Meet Rachael

Hey!  My name is Rachael and I'm a California & destination wedding photographer living in San Diego.  I am also a writer, fashionista, world traveler and animal lover.  My favorite activities include sunset walks on the bay and trying new restaurants in the area - I'm a huge foodie.  

Since photographing my first wedding in 2014, I've been published and have shot weddings all over the world.  Some may call my job as a photographer cool.  I call it special.  Nothing beats photographing two people in love, on the most important day of their lives.  

More facts than you wanted to know

- I'm 30 years young

The ocean is my favorite place in the world.  I enjoy surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and anything water related. 
- I love a good excuse to dress up, but also enjoy hanging out in sweat pants all day.

- Whole Foods is is great, but Chick-Fil-A for lunch is even better. 

- I live off life quotes and nightly memes. 

- A sunset run on the boardwalk is the perfect way to end a day. 

- This could be a dealbreaker for some, but I may have a slight obsession with cats. 

- On my spare time, I like to go on bike rides and brunch it up with my gal pals.  

- I'm on a mission to find the best Bloody Mary in town. 

- Sunglasses are my favorite accessory.  The bigger the better. 

- I love country music and enjoy a good concert.  

 Interested in getting in touch? Contact me for more information. 

Rachael Consaul