Coronado Hotel Del Family Photos

Lighting wise, Coronado Island is one of the most breathtaking places to take photos. There is something so special about the way the sun sets over the ocean, creating soft, luminous light. The Coronado sand dunes offer such a cool background too. I just love the vivid green ice pant that lines the tops of the dunes. Nothing else like it out here! The Hotel Del is another really fun spot to explore, if you haven't already. The hotel is often referred as San Diego's most iconic hotel, dating back to 1880. I always recommend grabbing celebratory dinner and drinks at the Del, afterwards. The outdoor deck has the prettiest views of Coronado and Point Loma. What a better way to end your photo session!?

I met Kathy and her family on the nicest day. We definitely had that soft, luminous light I mentioned above. Kathy's vision was to do family photos with her husband, baby and grandparents on both sides. They were all so great to work with. We had the most fun interacting with the little one. His smile is so precious! Another favorite about the area is the privacy of the sand dunes. Even in the midst of summer, the area is never too crowded. This creates less pressure when getting your photos taken.

Check out some of my favorites below!