Beth & Brandon / San Diego Wedding / Part 2 Reception


Beth and Brandon had the coolest wedding!  I shared part one of their day in a recent post.  Today I am sharing part two!  Beth and Brandon met way back in high school.  They recall seeing each other in passing between classes at the Bishop School.  The two reconnected in college and have been inseperatable since.  B&B planned a traditional wedding ceremony in La Jolla, followed by a dinner.  Close friends and family were in attendance and oh was it magical!  A couple weeks later, they threw a big party for everyone to attend.  The party took place at Beth's parents house, which was the perfect place to host a party.  As guests arrived, they were greeted with snacks, a Mexican food truck and drinks.  The couple surprised everyone with a grand entrance and first dance.  Beth wore her wedding dress for the first portion of the day, later changing into a romper (so she could get down on the dance floor). 


Located just off the property was the cutest private golf course.  This was a very special place, as Beth had fond memories of going there as a child.  The area was also the perfect place for romantic photos of B&B.  We had so much fun hanging out, dancing and acting silly with the another.  The two danced the rest of the night away with all of their friends and family.  I had so much fun snapping pictures of these two!  Wishing I could do it all over again! 




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Rachael Consaul