Reasons Why You Should Do A First Look

Should we do a first look?  A question couples debate when planning a wedding. A first look is a modern tradition where a bride and groom get to see each other for the first time.  It’s typically done before the ceremony in an intimate setting.  Deciding whether or not to do a first look is a personal decision.  However there are many befits to doing one!


Before I share the benefits, there are two types of first looks.  The "first look" where you see each other for the first time and blush over how cute your lover is.  Also, the "first look" where you don’t see each other (usually couples are holding hands, standing back to back or reading vows to one another). 


Calming those nerves 

The morning of jitters are a real thing.  The most stressful part about getting married is not being able to hang with your partner for a portion of the day. A first look allows for the bride and groom to have some alone time together.  Dissolving any fears, anxiety or jitters.  



Alone time 

Most couples get about 5 minutes of alone time (if that) on their wedding day.  A first look is one of the few moments where a coupe gets to be completely alone.  The rest of the time is spent celebrating with friends and family. 



More photos 

Who doesn't love more photos!? Most photos (family, bridal party and romantics) are done after the I-do’s are said - around sunset. A first look allows for photo time before and after the ceremony. 


More time spent with guests 

Since the majority of photos are done after the ceremony, couples loose out on cocktail hour. Deciding to do a first look saves more time for socializing with guests later in the day.  


 There are so many benefits to doing a first look.  I hope these tips help the planning process! 




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Rachael Consaul