Lighting On Your Wedding Day. Is It Important?

This is my first of many posts on lighting. To all my brides and grooms - Lighting is everything!  As a photographer, I will take pretty lighting over an epic backdrop any day.  Most of my couples will vouch and say I’m constantly mentioning how important lighting is.  I’ve spent years mastering light down to a science.  Tried and true, natural lighting is ALWAYS best.  I’ve put together some tips below to plan your best wedding. 



Getting ready photos 

Light sets the tone. When booking a getting ready spot, take in consideration the lighting of the room.  Weather its a hotel room, Airbnb, or your home - natural lighting is key.  A room with large windows will make your images look so much better.  I mean it, guys!  Photos will look organic and true to color.  If natural lighting is not an option, look for great outdoor spots you can use instead.





Lighting is equally important at the ceremony. A couple should always be backlit when standing at the alter.  Recently, I overheard a planner mention to a couple “we always have brides stand in direct sun”…. TOTAL CRINGE MOMENT FOR ME. This couldn’t be more opposite.  The last thing you want on your wedding day are photos of you squinting because the sun is too bright.  Or worse, a lit up golden face.  Take into consideration the time of day your ceremony is set to take place too.  This is a make or break.  Mid-day sun is going to be less flattering vs. soft evening sun.  Also, If you’re planning an indoor church wedding, think about how the interior lighting will effect the photos.  Will lighting be dim, or will there be plenty of natrual light shinning in through windows?  In addition, most chapel weddings have strict rules about photographers using flash to light up the area. 





I bet you’re catching on about natural light being an important factor in your day.  Natural lighting is amazing for portraits too.  Take a glance at any of my portraits and notice one thing in common.... Natural, soft, golden light!  From bride and groom romantics, to family and bridal party photos.  Everything matters!  When wedding planning, try to plan portraits around sunset, if at all possible.  If sunset is totally out, remember shade is second best.  





I hope these tips help the wedding planning couple.  Always remember natural lighting is best in any situation! 



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Rachael Consaul