Kadee Sweeney / Los Angeles Fitness Shoot

Happy 2019 everyone!  "New year, new you!"  I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about staying active and why it's so important to me.  In addition to photography, one of my New Years resolutions is to share more about my daily life.  Part of my everyday routine involves working out.  I'm always on the move between gym workouts, bay runs and hikes around San Diego.  There are so many benefits to working out.  I've shared some of my favorite reasons below.  




 Feeling good 

The feeling you get after a workout is amazing.  Nothing beats it.  Did you know exercise can actually make you a happier person?  Working out releases chemicals in the brain that make you happy and more energized.  On top of feeling happier, working out can also help ease your stress. 


Staying healthy

One of the coolest benefits to working out is reducing your risk for diseases.  Working out daily adds years to your life by combating a list of health issues.  Research shows living an active lifestyle can lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis.  A win, win all around! 


Looking good

Working out can be a huge confidence booster.  Staying active controls weight and keeps your wasitline looking awesome.  Perfect for those summer months when living in a bikini is necessary. 




Lifestyle and fitness shoot with Kadee Sweeney




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