Things To Consider Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer


Should I hire a wedding videographer?  This question is very common for anyone planning a wedding.  It's a question I get asked pretty frequently too.  So today's post is all about things you should know before hiring a wedding videographer. 


Wedding vendors can work amazing together, but they can also work very poorly together (I'm just being real here).  It's important to choose the right people for your day. 


Before hiring a wedding videographer, it's a good idea to ask your photographer about any recommendations they may have.  Often, photographers have a list of vendors they enjoy, or work with on a regular basis.  By starting with this step, you are sure to set yourself up for a successful day. 



What if I'm looking to hire a videographer who has never worked with my photographer before?


That it totally fine, but be sure to ask a series of questions before booking.  It's important to make sure each vendor will get along (so silly, I know) and share a similar shooting style.  Some questions you might ask are; "What is your shooting style?", "What type of equipment do you set up?", "How many assistants, or team members will be present the day of?" and "Have you worked in combination with a wedding photographer before?".  It is VERY possible for styles not to match, or work flows to be completely opposite of one another.  So be sure to ask lots of questions and do your homework.  Once you've decided on your wedding vendors, put one another in touch and follow up on each vendors plan of action.  As a photographer, I am always in contact with the wedding planner, hairstylist, makeup artist and sometimes the florist the week of the wedding.  A videographer and photographer connecting should be equally as important.


Horror stories: 


A wedding day should be the most important, fun and relaxed day of your life, right?  Dealing with drama, or someone who doesn't have a clue what they're doing, is not cool.  Let me tell you first hand, I've worked with some really good videographers in my day.  Also, some really bad ones.  For example, hiring your cousin who owns a video camera for fun is a horrible idea.  Yeah, he may do the work for free, or charge you next to nothing, but that doesn't mean you are going to receive quality in the end.  This goes for all parties involved.  Hiring an unexperienced and unprofessional videographer can result in many unexpected things.  Your video guy may not understand where to stand during the most important moments of your day.  He could potentially end up in the background of your first kiss photo, or worse, your family photos.  I once shot a wedding where the video guy was in just about every important moment I captured of the day.  Another horror story I've encountered is the videographer taking over and not leaving enough time for us photographers to get our shots.  A wedding day is not the time to decide to produce a full length movie.  Each vendor should be courteous of each others time and shots.  In relation to this, you also don't want a videographer who is going to roll in and yell "get down, I can't get the shot" during your speeches.  True story, guys.  True story.  This actually happened at a wedding.


Things to consider


Your wedding videographers style

Personality (does he/ she work well with others)

Are they experienced and professional

Will they set up lots of equipment the day of

Will they show up with multiple team members, or assistants 


In conclusion 


Don't be afraid to ask questions and get to know each vendor

Set up a phone call, Skype call, in person meeting, or all of the above

Connect each vendor, so they can come up with a solid game plan

Follow up.  Always follow up.

And success!  Happy wedding day 


Thinking about booking a videographer, or need vendor recommendations?  Please get in touch!  I would be happy to send over some of my favs!




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Rachael Consaul