Brianna & Kanoa / Kauai Wedding




The chance to travel with photography has always been a dream of mine.  I got the chance to do so in Kauai last year.  And let me tell you, destination weddings are my new favorite thing! 


I traveled to the island of Kauai to shoot Briana and Kanoa's magical day.  Despite all odds (rain, 100% humidity, and day of delays) Brianna and Kanoa pulled off the wedding of their dreams.  These two share a love that goes back years before.  Briana met Kanoa in Hawaii one summer while vacationing with her sister.  After meeting, it was clear they were meant for each other.  The two managed a long distance relationship between San Diego and Hawaii shortly after meeting.  Later on, adding Colorado to the mix, where Kanoa took a new job opportunity.  I honestly don't know how they planned such an awesome wedding in multiple time zones, but major props to them! 


This trip was one I'll never forgot.  I still gush about it to this day.  I have never felt so much love within a group of complete strangers.  Leading up to the trip, I made a list of places I wanted to go see solo.  I wasn't expecting to hangout with anyone, as I flew to the island by myself.  The morning after the big day, I got a call from one of the couples friends, asking if I wanted to go on an adventure.  I spent the rest of my trip adventuring around the island with about 15 people, who were all connected to the bride and groom.  We got to see the island local style, going on hikes, swimming with turtles and cliff jumping into the ocean.  I don't think I've ever eaten so much poke and shaved ice in my lifetime either.  I'm SO thankful for the experience I shared with these wonderful people.  Only wishing I could go back and do it all again!














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Rachael Consaul